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How do I get your juices during quarantine?

We are currently offering special bundles available for pick-up on Monday and Thursday evenings from our (shared) shop in downtown Nevada City. We are committed to serving you our immune-enhancing offerings during this time, however due to circumstances beyond our control, we are limited to serving in this way for now. We request orders be received 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick-ups, and that advanced payment be received prior to our production. See more details in the JUICERY MENU section of our website, and call 530-334-5353 to order! 

What is cold-pressed juice?

Not all juice is created equal; juice made with the more common centrifugal and rotary machines expose the extracted juice to heat and oxidation, actually killing the vital elements like nutrients and enzymes that make juicing so beneficial in the first place! This is also why such juices need to be consumed immediately; with every passing moment the nutrient content diminishes, while the incidence of rancidity increases.

Liquid Gold Juicery is proud to utilize a premium hydraulic press juicer indicated by a laboratory study, the Bailey Report, to yield a significantly higher level of mineral content-- quite literally the foundation of our health, offering critical nourishment to the deepest layers of our beings. While cold-pressing is a much slower and more time-consuming process, thousands of pounds of pressure expertly extract and preserve all of the life-giving properties of our organic ingredients, rupturing the cell walls of fruits and vegetables, liberating an abundance of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll. The cold-pressed method of extraction produces an exceptionally nutrient-rich juice that, with proper storage, is able to stay fresh and vital for days - and it tastes better, too!

Are your juices pasteurized?

The juices we offer are always 100% raw, unlike any juice you may find on grocery store shelves, which are pasteurized for an extended shelf life of 30-45 days; large, commercial juice companies generally use the HPP (high pressure pasteurization) process in lieu of traditional pasteurization-by-heat methods. However HPP also kills vitamins, minerals and living enzymes that are essential to the digestion process and for our overall vibrancy. The warning label you will find on every one of our bottles about the unpasteurized product you are holding is required for all truly raw juices, and proves that our blends are never tampered with.

Are your creations organic?

All of the ingredients we utilize in our concoctions are organic or wildcrafted, with the exception of coconuts. Thankfully, coconuts have a natural strong barrier to help keep potential toxins out. We do hold an organic processed food registration with the State of California and all organic ingredients are clearly labeled on every bottle for full transparency.

Why are your juices so “expensive”?

Have you ever wondered why there was no cold-pressed juice shop in our amazingly health-conscious town? Probably because it's not very profitable (with 3-4 pounds of produce in every 16oz juice), the equipment is prohibitively expensive, it's one of the most strictly-regulated sectors of the entire food industry, and juicing is actually very labor-intensive. This might be a good time to let you know: we are a simple, two-gal operation! Considering all of our juice ingredients are completely organic, and that our juices are cold-pressed (a much more time-consuming process with more expensive equipment to preserve all of the vital nutrients), our prices are comparable to standard juices in the area. Plus, if you return your bottle, our 16oz juices are really $10 each!

How can I save money on your juice?

For every 16oz. bottle that you rinse and return, you receive $1 in credit. For every 8oz. bottle that you rinse and return, you receive $0.50 tin credit. This is our way of maintaining sustainability in our operations and supporting your healthy habit with a little kick-back. Please rinse + then return!

What safety precautions do you take?

Cold-pressed, raw and unpasteurized juice is subject to some of the most stringent regulations in the food industry. We waited 9 months to get our permitting, had several kitchen and equipment inspections from state and county, and were required to submit (and abide by!) a 100-page FDA-compliant hazard analysis and mitigation plan that took months of research to complete. Indeed, cold-pressed juice is a very delicate product, that when done right has immense health benefits! Thalia has been running juice businesses since 2012 and our juices are carefully formulated so that they are safe and pH-balanced, thus able to hold for 3+ days when stored properly (there is an "enjoy by" date on every bottle as shelf life varies, and we always err on the side of caution in this regard, to ensure safety). We also are careful to soak all produce in a natural and non-toxic anti-microbial wash, and carefully soak, mechanically wash, and triple sanitize every bottle before it is reused.


What's up with celery juice?

16oz. of plain celery juice first thing in the morning. That’s the ( autoimmune ) protocol popularized by Anthony William, also known as “Medical Medium,” and with extremely positive testimonials flooding the internet about the miraculous effects of celery juice on almost every health condition imaginable, celery juice may just become the biggest health fad in recent years. Why we love it? It’s relatively simple (a cold-pressed juicer is highly recommended, however) and accessible as a prevalent, common plant rather than a rare and exotic food from across the world. What are the benefits? There are truly too many to name but in a nutshell: celery is incredibly alkalizing; not only does dis-ease thrive in acidic states, but an alkaline state also supports a richly-cultured gut (and the gut is considered our second brain)! Further, celery juice is said to be detoxifying to the liver and contains a special sodium cluster salt that starves pathogens. With the perfect balance of salty and sweet, this is actually a mild, surprisingly tasty juice that reminds us of the power of simplicityWe offer a bundle of three 16oz pure = organic celery juices for $24; contact us to ensure your supply!


NEW! What is ghee?

Ghee is a highly clarified butter, cooked down so that the milk solids are removed, ensuring that the final product does not contain lactose, casein, or whey. Ghee is rich in vitamins A, K and E, and is crafted from cultured butter from pasture-raised cows -- an incredible source of butyric acid, which helps our bodies assimilate nutrients, probiotics, and probiotics, making this a food that is highly supportive of gut health. Ghee has a very high smoke point, of 485 degrees, making it very unlikely to go rancid (when an oil passes its given smoke point, it can release carcinogens and free radicals that cause inflammation).